Takeshi Miyaji Passes Away At 45

I regret to inform the masses that Takeshi Miyaji passed away this past Saturday at the age of 45. Takeshi Miyaji is a man who I can credit for getting me involved with PC gaming, so you can understand how much his early death means to someone like me. Takeshi Miyaji was responsible for many titles; such Gungriffon, Grandia and Silpheed. Silpheed was perhaps the first PC game that sucked me into PC gaming; It was simply ahead of it’s time when it was released and it blew me away. Heck I don’t even acknowledge the version of Silpheed on the PS3 (That sequel was terrible).

It was not been revealed as to what lead to his death.

Here’s a VMG tribute to your greatness. R.I.P Takeshi! You will be missed.

/media/music/01 Theme of Grandia.mp3