Sony is bringing the future of home cinema to your face

Welcome Mister La Forge, your home theater has arrived. Ok.. Ok… enough with the Star Trek jokes. But really doesn’t this look like it could be La Forge’s visor? But it isn’t.

Instead this is Sony’s latest attempt to bring the future to you sooner, the HMZ-T1, is one of the more unique attempts I’ve seen in a while. Basically, Sony has packed two 0.7 inch OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) screens that produces a 1280×720 resolution, so no 1080p. Each screen works independent of each other creating a 3D effect. It also includes a built in HDMI input that will support Blu-ray playback as well as accept inputs from other devices such as PC’s and gaming consoles. I can see it now, picking up one of these bad boys and playing some Gears of War 3 while in the comfort of my own bed (assuming my bed is close enough to my A/V Rack).


5.1 virtual surround sound also makes it into the device, though I haven’t been convinced in the past with virtual surround sound as i haven’t tested anything that truly produced a true surround sound experience, but it is Sony so I’m sure they’ve figured out a way around this. 

And don’t expect this to come cheap – no, what were you thinking?? Rumored pricing for the unit is around 60,000 yen (784 USD) when it lands in Japan in early November 2011. Sony has not commented on whether it will be Japan exclusive or wind up making it’s way to other countries. 

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    Maxfield Stanton

    this joint looks pretty neat and interestin’.. but no 1080p?? c’mon sony?? it’s 20-fuckin-11 for chrissakes