Signup For Gotham City Imposters Closed Beta

Listen up! Monolith Productions is taking signups for an upcoming closedbeta for Gotham City Imposters. But before I get ahead of myself, you’re probably asking, what is Gotham City Imposters? Well it is a multi-player FPS, created by Monolith Productions; the very same studio that gave us classic’s such as No One Lives Forever,  Fear and Tron 2.0. The premise of the game revolves around Gotham City (duh) and you basically are helping old Batman keep the streets of Gotham safe or causing chaos if you side with the Jokerz.

Kind of reminds me of Batman meets Brink / Team Fortress 2. However it also seems that someone forgot to tell these guys that Batman HATES guns.



The game is actually pretty promising as it allows you to customize your character’s weapons, hair styles and items. You can basically create your own hero or bad guy; what could be more fun than that?

Gotham City Imposters will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in 2012. However if you sign up for the closed beta, you can get a chance to try it out when the beta opens up in September 2011.

Just head over to to enter for your chance. You will be required to agree to an Non-Disclosure Agreement, so no leaking info to any of your favorite website communities.

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