Gundam Extreme Vs Finally Targetting A Console Release

Andriasang is reporting that Namco’s Gundam Extreme Vs is finally hitting the console, namely the Playstation 3.

Namco Bandai will be porting over the Gundam Extreme VS arcade title to the PlayStation 3, Famitsu reveals this week. The PS3 port is currently 70% complete and will be released on December 1, priced ¥8,380.

New features for the home version include original modes (currently unspecified) and a BGM edit mode that lets you use custom soundtracks from your PS3. The game will also support online play via PSN.


Here’s to hoping that it makes it to the States and if not, I know what I’ll be importing shortly.

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    I’ve been watching videos of this. Doesn’t this give you Virtua On nostalgia? Up to 4 teams going head to head (haven’t seen any footage with a full house yet though) with most likely arcade online support like DBZ: Zenkai Battle Royale I bet. Damn Japanese hold out on us too much, but I understand why they do, because US gamers are so damn high maintenance.