Gaming For Free On The PC: FPS Edition

Greetings fellow gamers, how’s it going? I agree that it’s really tough out there right now and it’s making it any easy on us to pick up all those great FPS games, especially when they are ranging from $39.99 and up. But fear not cause the Outer Haven has your back. Presenting the Gaming For Free On The PC features, where we’ll go over every major genre and show you how you can get your game on without even paying a dime. Keep in mind however some titles may be slim pickings or multiplayer only, but them’s the breaks.

So without further ado!

First off is one of my favorites and based off a title that many of us grew up on, Quake 3.  Quake Live is based on browser technology which allows you to launch the game from anywhere using a web browser plugin. This means that you can jump on a Windows, MacOS or Linux computer and frag without any (Not many) hassles. You don’t have to pay to play Quake Live is based micro-transactions and advertisements to fund it, however you can pay if you want to rent your own server. You can check out Quake Live by heading over to



Next up is a title that no FPS gamer should be without; Valve’s Team Fortress 2. Although Team Fortress 2 has been out on the PC for years, Valve has recently decided to have the title go F2P (Free to Play). No cost to you at all! All you have to do to play it is download Steam for either your PC or Mac by going to Once you’ve done that all you have to do is search for Team Fortress 2 in the Steam Online Store or by heading to



This one is a double header for you. Not only do you get to play Battlefield Heroes; which is basically Battlefield meets Team Fortress 2, but you also have access to Battlefield Play4Free; think Battlefield 2 but free. Both allow you to create a character and jump into the action. Even better is that Battlefield4Free nets you updated maps from Battlefield 2; Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula, Basra and DragonValley. FREE FREE and did I mention FREE? It’s perfect for the game that may have missed placed their copy of Battlefield 2 (Not me silly). Just head over to for Battlefield4Free and for Battlefield Heroes.



Do you like F.E.A.R? How about playing it FREE? Yep, you can also play the F2P version of F.E.A.R online. It’s not the full version of the game, just the multiplayer aspect of it. To check it out, download it at



And there you have it people. Sure there are other games out there that are F2P; Warsow, Combat Arms, War Rock, America’s Army (Do people even play AA anymore?), etc. However I wanted to give you access to some of the better F2P FPS titles out there.

Next time we’ll take a look at some F2P MMO games…….. unless I get into the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta.

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