Gaming backlogs and you

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty so there’s not reason or point on hiding it. Yes we are all guilty of having a gaming backlog. It happens, we know. One day you just see this game that you simply have to get. You get home, pop itin your console or PC and have at it. Only at times your game play time is limited or you happen to pick up another game or two or even ten and so after you’ve fallen into an endless cycles that only seems to perpetuate.

Again the first step is to admit that we’re all guilty of this and try our best to finish up those titles that we once had to have or simply could not live without. I fact if there’s a game in your backlog that has an upcomingsequel, don’t you want finish that game first so you know all the story there is before you pick up the sequel? I mean sure you could Google it or look it up on a wiki, but wouldn’t be more manly (or womanly) of you if you managed to do it on your own? Heck I’ll admit it, I never completed Gears of War 2 and here I am salivating for the release of Gears of War 3. I know I probably should have beaten GoW2 first and now I’m 100% focused on beating it before I pick up GoW3.

So I implore you all as well, get back on that backlog and beat an older title that you own before you pick up another new one. You might find out that after a while that the title you once thought was boring or impossible might be over before you know it and that you’ll crave more… more….. more…… YES I was guilty of that again with Dead Space and again with Dead Space 2. I think Dead Space sat on my shelf for a good 5 months before I opened it and played it. but when I did, damn did I enjoy it…. Oh EA, can you hurry up with Dead Space 3 please? Thanks!

It’s not hopeless all, you can do it. In fact let me start you on the road to beating those titles. I find it best that once you list those titles and have a current database, it makes it easier to play your course of attack. On that note I present ” Backloggery“. The Backloggery is a database drive site that you can sign up at and create your own gaming backlog. It’s 100% free and you can even get a signature setup so you can post what games are on your backlog and what games you are currently playing. You can also create your own gaming wishlists, pretty handy for your parents, your significant other or just for yourself.

You can get that backlog down, I believe in you!

Oh and in case you were interested here is my gaming backlog – TohKeith Hosted at If you sign up don’t forget to add me as a friend.