Xbox 360 makes the jump into the Cloud

Source – Eurogamer

Microsoft has finally announced that the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade will allow you to access your game saves and profiles from any Xbox 360 now. Gone are the days that when you wanted to play on a friends Xbox 360 or if you had multiple Xbox 360’s (Like me) and had to constantly do a gamertag recovery.

“Cloud storage will allow you to enjoy the same great Xbox Live gaming experience even when you’re not in your own living room by giving you the option to store your “game saves” securely in the Xbox Live cloud, instead of on a portable memory unit or your console’s hard drive.”

However it is only limited to certain Xbox Live Arcade games, though Microsoft expects to have this all ironed out soon.

Finally….. the Cloud invades the Xbox 360!

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    Fuckin FINALLY!! Microsoft is NOT suckin’ for once!! what’s the world comin’ to?!?! XD!!