Weekly Audio Spotlight: Artist – NegroSaki

Nitro here, back in the Eleventh hour for this week’s edition of Weekly Audio Spotlight!

As I said last week, this feature will feature everything from soundtracks to albums to whole artists – just not singular VGM tracks, as that’s what Hax’s VGM pick of the week is for.

This week Outer Haven’s spotlight shines on an extremely talented individual, one Marcell James. Better known in music circles and among YouTube viewers as NegroSaki.

Since debuting on YouTube with a number of VGM remixes, Saki has put together a very impressive resumé across a very prolific career as a YouTube remixer and music producer. His works are far too many for me to bother listing, but include several video game remix mixtapes remixing such games as Tekken 4 and Final Fantasy X, an anime remix mixtape, a few mixtapes featuring short bump tracks, countless collaborations with other YouTube artists out there, and even his own album made completely from scratch.

NegroSaki’s style is heavily hip-hop influenced, with some trip-hop and experimental vibes thrown in. He exhibits a broad range of vibes and styles however, as he always seems to be willing to try new things and expand the scope within his own personal touch.

Check his music out at his YouTube channel, where you’ll find collections of his mixtapes and exclusive productions – here.

His album can be found here, and bought for the low price of $5: http://negrosaki.bandcamp.com/

If you’re into hip-hop beats and appreciate producers that step outside the box, do yourself a favor and give this stuff a listen.

I’ll leave you with a couple of my favorite selections from his catalog:



I’ll check you all out next week with another Weekly Audio Spotlight!

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