Wait… That's not Taki

Recently Daishi Odahima, the director of Namco’s Soul Caliber 5 (For Playstation 3 & Xbox 360), had teased 2 new characters by showing off only their silhouettes.  He stated that these characters would be unvieled at the upcoming Comic-Con that runs from July 21st to July 24.

“Show anymore & Im in trouble,” said Odashima in a tweet.

Originally suspected that the one of the characters might happen to be Taki, a favorite of the SC series, however she also appeared to be …. younger. SC5 is set to be 17 years later, so how could that be the Taki we all knew and loved, right? However it seems that there was so much interest in the 2 new characters, especially the new female character, that he decided to reveal the character sooner… much to many gamers surprise.


Wait a second! That’s not Taki!! Who the heck is that? Does that mean Taki won’t be in SC5 and if so, does that mean that she’s not playable? What’s going on here? I guess we’ll have t wait until Comic-Con to find out.