The Outerhaven Podcast #5 – THE SAGA CONTINUES!!!!!!!

Whaddup Guys?!?! Are you ready for some Super, Awesome, Happy Fun Time Conversation?!?!!?
HUH!?!?!? Well, ARE YA!?!?! YOU BETTER BE, DAMMIT!!! LOL!!
Cause Hax, Neph, Bwizz & Nitro are giving y’alls some extra podcast goodness!!!!

We had some extra fun to with it this round.. so we hope you guys enjoy!!

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Soundclip Intro & Outro: “Add’ua” From “Tenchu Stealth Assassins Original Soundtrack”

FUN FACT: The Language being used by the singer in “Add’ua”, isn’t japanese but in fact is an African language, namely that of “Hausi” tribe!! So yeah, The classic Tenchu intro song is being sung in an AFRICAN language!! Awesome aint it??

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