Street Fighter x Tekken: Here Comes a New Challenger!

Well now, it doesn’t surprise me, but I have to say I wasn’t expecting this…

(That’s what she said…)

So, along with the Marvel teams announcement of the real version of their game, over in the Capcom camp at San Diego comic-con, Ono-san’s team had a few announcements of their own to make.

Along with Steve Fox and Dhalsim, who astute viewers of the last trailer already knew were in this game, from out of left field, obscure fanbases and FGC troll memes comes the gender confused bombshell, Poison, and the man… robot… alien? Space Ninja we were all waiting for (because you can’t have Tekken without him), Yoshimitsu!

I guess Capcom revealed the two of them together because nobody’s really sure what they are anymore. Poison seems all woman to me though, lol.

Poison looks absolutely sick. In Japan, she’s a girl, and that’s the model they’re using, so don’t feel too bad if you get a stiffy watching her in action, Nephrite guys.

Looks like the game’s really coming together. This brings the revealed cast up to 18. I wonder how large this things gonna get?

As a side note, Dhalsim looks like he’s gonna be a major asshole. *Sigh* I hate that guy.


And where the hell is Karin Capcom? Y’all play too much.

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