Sony drops HD Blu-ray playback on new PS3 model (CECH-3000)

Oh Sony, you sneaky bunch you. Set to hit the street is the CECH-3000 series, which is the newest model of the PS3. However while this may look exactly like the current PS3 slim model that has been available for some time, however it actually uses less power and weighs less. It’s missing one very important feature  and this will affect those who either only have component inputs on their TV’s or only has 1 available HDMI slot. 

What is it missing? HD Blu-ray playback via component cables. Well, we can’t blame Sony on this, since this is mandated that the new PS3’s more comply to the Advanced Access Content System . Basically the AACS is a DRM which states that all HD video playback must be restricted to onlyHDCP- HDMI and DVI connections. In a nut shell you won’t be able to play any Blu-rays via component cables anymore. This also will affect any new electronics that at one point allows you to watch HDCP content via component cables.

So if you’ve been putting off replacing that TV that either does not have HDMI or has less than one and you are looking into getting new PS3, you better get one of the current slims before they’re all gone.

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