No modding tools for Battlefield 3 (PC)

Well this is certainly bad news for us PC gamers. EA and Dice have reportedly gone on record stating that there will be no mod tools for Battlefield 3, so that means that all thsoe wonderful mods that we experienced for the previous Battlefield titles (remember Desert Combat & Project Reality?) will likely never happen. However apparently this isn’t new information as EA and Dice had originally stated they weren’t sure if BF3 was going to have mod tools in the first place.

However it doesn’t seem that this is only due to EA not wanting to give the modders of the BF community the ability, but due to the complexity of the Frostbit 3 engine. EA’s VP Patrick Solderlund claims that the Frostbite 3 engine would “present too much of a challenge for people.”

“The complexity of the destructible environments makes things “tricky” at best for those without extensive experience. In the end, we believe that the situation might change; and while DICE is apparently open to the possibility in the future, currently it does not see people taking on the challenge of making mods for Battlefield 3.”


Take a look at the interview conducted by GameStar below:

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