Interest In 3D Gaming Is Low Says EA

EA tells Gamesutra that they have not seen a big uptake for 3D gaming in homes (So this is mainly regarding consoles) and is wondering if they (gaming industry) is doing the right thing.

“Frankly, we have not seen a big uptake for 3D gaming,” he said. “We haven’t seen a big uptake for 3D televisions in the home, at least not yet. And we’re not here trying to drive the market, we’re here to react to what consumers are looking for.”

No, really?? I could have told you that.  I said this at the very beginning the 3D gaming or for that matter 3D televisions were a fad and were going to be short lived. Now look; EA is saying the 3D adoption rate is very low, Nintendo has slashed the pricing of the 3DS and now one has to wonder what’s next.

/Shrug. All I can say is that “I told you so”, but I’m just a gamer and a consumer, what do I know.

Source  – Gamesutra

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