Excerpts From EVO 2011 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Panel

Gamespot was kinda enough to post a 2 part excerpt from the Evo 2011 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 panel. Tons of new information is released in this 2 part video, but just to wet your whistle, we posted some tidbits below;

All characters will have a move that will do more damage depending on how fast you tap the button (Like Ken’s Shinryuken was in Xmen vs Street Fighter)
Sentinal – Slighly less health
Captain America – Can now double jump (YES!)
Crimson Viper – Has a new move
She-Hulk – Has a new move
Storm – Has a new move
Spencer – Has a new move
TaskMaster – Has a new move
Viewtiful Joe – Has a new move that can dodge specials
Dead Pool – Can now cancel out of specials by warping / teleport
Amaterasu – Can switch weapons in the air now
Dormammu – Can do dark spell in the air
Arthur – Has more health
Shuma-Gorath – Can decrease opponents special meter by using his standard throw (not the command grab)