Troll Quest TV Shows – A Test of Endurance

Uncomfortable to play, overly aggressive with ad videos and obnoxious art style. With each level Troll Quest TV Shows pushes you a little bit closer to a rage quit.   Game Name: Troll Quest TV Shows Plat...

Breakout Ninja (Android) Review

A different take on the rythmn game; ninja combat. All backed by soothing acoustic sounds and ambiguous warfare.    Game Name: Breakout Ninja Platform(s): Android, iOS Publisher(s): Part Time Monkey Devel...

PAX East 2017 shows off the Indie Megabooth

Throughout the years of heading out to Boston, to cover PAX East, my favorite stop has been the Indie Megabooth. It's just the sheer amount of cool games that you couldn't think were possible.
Mega Man

Mega Man 2.5D Now Available

The long-awaited and much-anticipated fan game from Peter Sjöstrand, Mega Man 2.5D had officially been released! While the game looks, plays and feels like a classic 8-bit Mega Man title, the backgrounds and l...