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Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Review (PS4)

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is the sixth entry into the long-running versus fighting game franchise by Capcom. Sadly, this title just doesn't capture the excitement that the previous games captured.

SAG-AFTRA Video Game Strike Ends

The SAG-AFTRA strike against video game developers which has been going on for quite a while now, also known as the #PerformanceMatters protest, has been ended by the Union after it came to an agreement with Vi... Click here to read..

Agents of Mayhem Review (PS4)

Saints Row 5 is a game about a secret agency... Oh, what's that? This is a NEW game called Agents of Mayhem? I'm quite sure this plays and feels like it's another entry in the Saints Row series from developer D... Click here to read..

Food Wars Season 1 Anime Review

When you first look at Food Wars, you might think that it is just another cooking anime, maybe it's the Japanese version of My Kitchen Rules or Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. Well technically you would be ... Click here to read..