PAX East 2017

Follow our coverage of PAX East 2017! News and updates from the event will be posted here! March 10th – 12th 2017!

PAX East 2017 Cosplayer

PAX East 2017: Second Day of Cosplay

Well, as promised, here are pictures that we took during the second day of PAX East 2017. As before, if you're featured in any of the pictures we took, simply let us know and we'll get you a full-sized and bett... Read More Here...

PAX East 2017: First Day of Cosplay

What's up guys and gals. I know we're a bit late here, the whole internet connection and hotels thing. They should really fix that. Anyway, we snapped a few pictures of some cosplay from the first day of PAX Ea... Read More Here...