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The Arsenal Podcast #41 – ULTRA SUPER ARCADE EDITION!!!!!!!

The Arsenal Podcast #41 – ULTRA SUPER ARCADE EDITION!!!!!!!

Sup gang?? A new Podcast for dat ass!! Today we have a full house talking about a whole mess of things. This podcast was previously recorded on March 29th, 2014. Our resident fighting game resident, Holland Culbreat and his experience at the previous Final Round 17 [...]

Sound Decibels: Ghost In The Shell: ARISE Official Soundtrack (Review)

Sound Decibels: Ghost In The Shell: ARISE Official Soundtrack (Review)

It’s no big secret that quite a few of us at The Outerhaven are HUGE Ghost In The Shell fans, and we were immensely excited when ARISE was announced earlier this year. But as details of the new project emerged, thoughts of worry started flooding our [...]

GO GO GO POWER RANGERRRSSS!!!!! Power Rangers Redux!! WORD!!!

So, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers… one of the most popular, memorable and enduring of children’s entertainment franchises has always had a warm place in my heart, no matter how ridiculously campy and inferior each subsequent series is to the original 1993 show.  One of the [...]

Dead or Alive 5 Hotness: Helena vs. Lisa Gameplay video

HOLY MOLY, STOP THE HOTNESS PRESSES!! Team Ninja, saw fit to show prospective Dead Or Alive 5 day one purchasers some gameplay footage with none other than fine ass Helena Douglas sexily duking it out with smoking hot scientist/luchadora, Lisa Hamilton aka La Mariposa. Peep [...]

I Declare My Love For Dead Or Alive 5 Opening Declaration Trailer!!!

Wh…Bu…..Do…….Fa… I-I don’t.. know.. what to…. say. As fanatical as I’ve been for Dead Or Alive 5 this past year, Team Ninja has seen fit to make me straight lose it by releasing the opening trailer!! I don’t know how many times I can watch [...]

DOOM 3: BFG Edition Is Almost Here!!!

DOOM 3: BFG Edition Is Almost Here!!!

I’m a fan of Doom 3, and I’m so stoked that the release date for Doom 3: BFG Edition is approaching. For those of you not in the know, this version of Doom 3 was announced a few months ago by id software, and is [...]

ToH Vid Of the Week: The Dark Knight Rages!!!

Some vids are so awesome that sometimes you just gotta stop what you’re doin’, and thank whom or whatever for youtube. Peep the vid below: [youtube][/youtube] This vid is straight brilliant, and Bale-Batman’s voice is dead-on LOLZ!!

FORZA 4's August Car Pack Simply ROCKS!!

Forza Motorsport 4 is arguably the BEST racing game you could play on a console. It’s also one of the very best examples of how DLC should be handled on a title in this gaming era. With their upcoming racer Forza Horizon‘s release date on [...]