Microsoft Got Some ‘Splaining to Do! – Xperience #20

First thing first, you may have noticed that our 19th episode is missing. That’s due to a technical issue and we have lost that show. Sadly that was also our second streamed episode and it was great. So we apologize about that and have taken steps to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Technology, what can you do about it?

That said, welcome back to the Xbox Xperience Podcast. We’re fresh from recording episode 20 and one thing is for sure, we’re really passionate about the status of Microsoft’s 1st and 3rd party gaming offering, Xbox Play Anywhere, Beam as an up and coming streaming platform and of course, Project Scorpio. Oh, and Keith has beaten Dark Souls III for the last time and has sworn to never play the game again. The world must be ending.

So check out Keith and Clinton as they debate what they like and don’t like about Microsoft’s strategy so far. And don’t worry, they’re always like this, that’s how they do.

Your hosts as always, Keith Mitchell (@keithdmitchell), Clinton Bowman (@navigatorbowman) and Aaron Sanders (@mechanikism).

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