Blizzard Entertainment released the first Diablo game twenty years ago and to celebrate, they are bringing a bit of Diablo flavor to all of their current franchises!  Here is what you can experience in each of Blizzard’s games.

World of Warcraft

In the Dalaran (Broken Isles) sewers and at the end of every Legion dungeon, there is a chance for a treasure goblin to spawn.  The goblin will create a portal and players will have a short amount of time to kill him. If they are successful in doing so, a portal will open up to the cow level (which does not exist, by the way.)  Once inside the cow level, you will come face to face with The Cow King… a special boss that will drop Diablo-themed loot for your characters!

The treasure goblin will drop items such as a Scroll of Town Portal, Blank Diabolic Tome and an epic quality Hoardric Satchel.  The Cow King will drop the epic quality Twelve String Guitar, Scroll of Town Portal, and Livestock Lochaber Axe.  Collecting the Twelve String Guitar will also net you a Feat of Strength Achievement.  In addition, if you collect ten Scroll of Town Portals and 10 Blank Diabolic Tomes, you can combine them into a Tome of Town Portal.. a toy which will transport you to your Hearthstone location with a 30 minute cooldown.


A new Tavern Brawl is active this week in which players construct decks on their own. It is Wild format so any and all cards since the beginning of Hearthstone can be used in constructing the decks.  The players will face off against a CPU opponent called The Dark Wanderer who will have three random secrets in play. If you destroy the secrets, The Dark Wanderer will cast “Twisting Nether?” and transport you to The Cow Level where you face off against The Cow King.

If you defeat The Cow King, you will earn a special Diablo-themed card back!


Various Diablo-themed sprays and a player icon will be available.

Starcraft II

You will receive a Lord of Terror worker portrait.

Heroes of the Storm

A Diablo portrait is your prize if you are a Heroes of the Storm fan

and of course…

Diablo III

In the 2.4.3 anniversary patch, players can play a remake of the original Diablo game inside of Diablo III.  It will be a 16 level cathedral where players will be limited to eight directions of movement. A new legendary gem is available for those who can defeat Diablo at the end of the level.  Several Diablo 1 and Diablo 2-themed items will also drop for your character throughout the dungeon. 

The dungeon was announced at 2016’s BlizzCON event along with a new Necromancer class for Diablo III; however, the Necromancer will not be in the 2.4.3 patch, but rather sometime later in 2017.

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