Aaron Greenberg Says 2017 Is the Year of Project Scorpio

Just last night, I was talking with the rest of the team regarding several items that Microsoft must address in 2017. The first of which was being completely transparent regarding their upcoming 4K console, Project Scorpio. Now we have the head of Xbox games marketing, Aaron Greenberg, taking to Twitter already and promoting Project Scorpio.

The year 2017 is the year of the Scorpio, as he puts it. I certainly hope he’s right.

Well, that’s a start, at least. However, Microsoft has a lot to prove regarding their potential 4K killer console. We need talks about the specs, pricing and what exactly will gamers be able to do with that power. Yes, games, Aaron. We need to know what games will be powered by this beast and how many.

Of course, I’ll be happy if they can confirm that Project Scorpio will be able to give us a constant 1080p@60fps and 4k@30fps experience. If they can do this, then they will have my wallet open.

Oh and don’t give it a lame name. Not Xbox Pro, not Xbox 1.5, make it exciting, please!

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  • Billy

    you know they said “native 4k” so native should be able to run at 60 if that is what the game dev sets it as and it is also Vr ready already been stated for Oculus great vr headset as well so my wallet is already open just waiting for preorders to start

  • They say native 4K, but even the PS4 Pro runs several games at native 4k. Some good, but most aren’t and then there are those that run them with checkerboard rendering. I’m still not convinced that a console is going to be able to pump out the visuals and keep the performance at at consistent rate while being priced under $500. A GTX 1080 can’t even run 4K @ 60fps, which is saying something.

    I really want this to happen though, as it would be a major turning point for Microsoft and they know it.

  • Billy

    no it cant but hopefully they are going to be thinking ahead (seems their issue the don’t normally think ahead) they would be shooting for that target of 60fps if their not then it is another mistake. I love the fact that they are saying Oculus will work on it I love its VR and it is much better than PS4 VR as for the price I know they said at a console price but consoles have sold for 200 to 800 US and he did say more than the S model so some are hopping the price drops further I don’t really seeing it make that much of a difference but I would pay that and the 600 for another Oculus even though I hope and wish and even suggested that they put them in a bundle together for day one customers historically they don’t have bundles or combo packs day one but I can dream I know Oculus is working on a 4k Vr gear but for VR, 8k is not enough per eye but for me it is not about the graphics it is about the games and the content the community if they line up with the better system then so be it but with VR coming the end of the year, PS has a year head start on dealing with vr I say this because I don’t think 4k is that big of a deal seeing it on a screen is still a screen even the screen on Oculus where you can see your xbox stream it is a vr room with a screen not for me I want to be in the game to see hear move in the game I am paralyzed so walking is out but I see great things in VR.

  • Billy

    sorry I don’t know for sure if the PS4 pro is native 4k because I don’t get the same warning when putting in 4k when I use my PS4 pro just thought about it as for hardware for 60fps by stacking cards like AMD Radeon R9 Fury X top end now but next fall no longer and this is a high end high end so I think if they think outside the box and build with it in mind they will do it or at least have the ability to run a custom mess of a gamming pc parts here and there but it is fast and with teeth