On today’s Xperience Reloaded Podcast Episode #4, your hosts Clinton Bowman and Keith Mitchell, discuss the following topics:

  • Does Microsoft need a gaming event similar to PlayStation Experience? (6:55 minute mark)
  • Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 heading to the Xbox One (:27 second mark)
  • Changes we feel need to be made to Beam in order to make it competitive with the other live streaming video platforms. (27:08)
  • The Xbox’s weak exclusive line-up and what can be done about it. (17:05 minute mark) 
  • Final Thoughts: The ongoing Bestbuy B2G1 free for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games, Shantae Half-Genie Hero gets a release date.

That and much more on the Xperience Reloaded Podcast Episode #4

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