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I Remember It Fondly – I Put a Spell on You

Hello everyone! It’s time for the I Remember It Fondly pre-show post once again, where we announce next week’s film so you can follow along at home. Last week’s show was a riot (approximately 30% giggling, and that’s after cutting most of it). Hackers is just one of those films that skates the dangerous line between good and bad, and I think we made that perfectly clear! I mean, the hacker names alone are irresistibly ripe for comedy. Next week, though, we’re stepping out of New York and flying right into Salem. We’re hanging up our rollerblades and picking up our broomsticks. We’re swapping out computers for potions with a little…

Hocus Pocus (1993)

Yes, we’re going there. One of the only Disney movies I can think of that starts off with a kidnapping, child murder, and a triple hanging, Hocus Pocus has a place in all our hearts. We’re going to embrace the nostalgic Halloween movies this month (get a full list of our favorites here), and while they may not be as gory or disturbing as what your used to today, you know you love them.

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