It’s that time again–time for the I Remember It Fondly pre-show post! Our last episode was great (what’s better than talking about 3 Ninjas?), but we couldn’t be more excited to discuss this next film. If you’ve been following @irfondly on Twitter, then you’ll have seen the hint and possibly guessed the film, which I think we can all agree is the best vampire film of all time (okay, Near Dark‘s pretty good, too). Without further ado, our next film is…

The Lost Boys (1987)

Oh man. We are positively thrilled to get into this movie. If, by chance, you haven’t seen The Lost Boys, I’m not sure what’s wrong with you, but you definitely need to check it out, like now.Whatever you do, don’t watch the sequels. Just don’t.

I personally watched this film religiously as a child, and this episode will mark the first time that all hosts and the guest have seen the film beforehand. Speaking of our guest, next week Matt Hamparian, co-host from the Sore Thumb Crew podcast, will be joining the IRIF gang to share his thoughts about 80s teenage vampires.

As always, new episodes of I Remember It Fondly will be up every other Wednesday (that’s next Wednesday, folks), so stay tuned or simply go onto your favorite podcast app and subscribe to the show. We’re also addressing some comments we’ve gotten about the show, so expect a tighter episode with more of the things you like. In the meantime, check out our catalogue of episodes here.

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