Well, it’s Wednesday, so that means another update for I Remember It Fondly! We’re excited to present to you the next episode of the show, where we pick apart (and probably laugh way too much about) everyone’s favorite film about worms, Hackers! In this episode Shelby, Joe, and Cody are joined by Outerhaven writer and A-01 Podcast co-host, Josh Piedra!


Join the IRIF gang as they  give all the hackers new names, Joe becomes privy to some surprisingly obvious information, and Shelby taps into her inner Cereal Killer for an epic scene reading!

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Cody Maynard is a freelance writer in Central Ohio. He's written for marketing offices and public relations, but what he really likes to do is write about the important stuff in life... you know, gaming. As an only child born in '87, he spent most of his time indoors with a controller in his hands. Fun Fact: He has a tattoo of an origami unicorn... Yep.