Bookshelf Podcast Episode 23 – The End of The Beginning


After nearly a lifetime on inactivity and neglecting any form of responsibility on their part while goofing around, The Bookshelf Crew of CARLOS “Da_Angry_Elf” ABDU and GABRIEL “Z-Slash” LEMAINE has returned to make things right! (There was another guy, but he couldn’t make it….I wanna say his name was “Gel Sidious”. Right?)

Once again, these comic nerds band together to highlight the most interesting and obscure graphic narratives in glorious half-assed fashion…only to discover their show in ruins due to months of neglect!! Is the first new episode of The Bookshelf Podcastalso it’s last?!

Or is this the beginning of something new?

Find out as Carlos and Gabe analyze popular french comic NEOPOLIS: GOLDEN CITY and the graphic novelization of Paulo Coelho’s best-selling story THE ALCHEMIST!

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Topics include:

  • Did we forgot to pay the electric bill, and why is the refrigerator moving all of a sudden?
  • New intro? New Logo? New format? IT’S DIFFERENT, SO NOW IT SUCKS!!
  • Wait, this show is still around? Does anybody really care? When’s Pokemon TGC on Twitch?
  • Enter the exciting, heart-pounding world of Neopolis: Golden City!
  • Can the graphic novel version of Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist make YOU achieve your personal legend?
  • Carlos and Gabe gush over one of their favorite movies, The Fall
  • Clone politics! Two headed Obama! Politicians beating others with their fists and more!
  • What will happen to the Bookshelf Podcast? IS THIS THE END? And who’s going to tell Matt that we left him with the bill?


Carlos “D. Angry ELF” Abdu’s book


The Alchemist  by Derek Ruiz & Daniel Sampere, adapted from & edited by Paulo Coelho


Gabriel “Z-Slash” Lemaine’s book


Neopolis: Golden City Vol. 1 -5 by Daniel Pecqueur, Nicholas Malfin & Pierre Schelle


Finally, we want to thank Sovarozum , for our longtime unofficial theme song, Too Little, Too Late. Please, if you haven’t checked out his music yet, please click the link for more of his tunes.

 All sound clips and music are owned by their respective owners.

About The Author

Carlos Abdu
podcast host/writer/illustrator/editor

Carlos Abdu is an illustrator/cartoonist/animator who likes drawing comics and video game characters. He's also a very salty person and doesn't sugarcoat what he thinks about anything, no matter if it's movies, video games, comic books or television shows. He doesn't like to get on the hype train, preferring the scenic route. But Even in a foul mood, he sees humor in everything and never stop finding things (or people) to laugh about. You can find his artwork @ www.carlosabdu.tumblr. com. If you're interested in hiring Carlos for commissions, please do so by e-mail or call up the Twitter.