THE INTERROGATION CHAMBER: The Outer Haven Interviews Handbook

THE INTERROGATION CHAMBER: The Outer Haven Interviews Handbook

Today here with me I have Jake Brown also known as Handbook. Handbook is one of England’s most premier producer and musician. He has several EPs and LPs albums under his belt. 

Getselious: Hello Handbook thank you for coming.

Handbook: No problems, thank you for inviting me!

Getselious: Why did you choose Handbook as your artist name?

Handbook: When I first started making music, I came up with the name “Part-Time Wolf” but that name already existed, so I quickly thought of “Handbook” as a temporary name and it stuck well. Easy to remember.

Getselious: How long have you been a producer and a musician?

Handbook: Well in my teens, I started to play drums from about 14, then picked up guitar and bass soon after. I was in a band with friends when I was at school and we rocked out at any opportunity. I started getting into music production early 2010. I heard some guys in LA making this crazy beat music and it really spoke to me.

Getselious: What drew you into becoming a professional producer and a musician?

Handbook: A friend of mine (Bambooman) in York had been making beats for a year or so and I saw him do a live show a couple of years ago. I was impressed and started listening to that sort of beat music/hiphop. Shortly after I immersed myself in artists such as Flying Lotus and Knxwledge. Ever since I was really young I have always loved music and needed a way to make it myself. Music has been the best way to express myself.

Bambooman-Knowledge by Bambooman

  Luckiest Charm remix //The Long Lost// 2008 by Flyinglotus

Both of these musicians styles are expressive enough to inspire anyone to be a musician.

Getselious: Have you been trained as a musician by either taking music classes or obtaining a music degree?

Handbook: I haven’t had formal training in either performing, writing or producing music. When I was in a band, I was lucky enough to hang about with really talented musicians and I learned small amounts about how music is crafted from them. As for production, at the start I had to work it all out myself. I bought an MPC1000 in April 2010 and until I started talking to other music producers, who have guided me on how to improve my production. I tend to just experiment with different things and if I’m happy with how it sounds, it doesn’t matter that I don’t have that music theory backing up my experiments.

Getselious: How have other artists and/or genres inspired you as musician and a producer?

Handbook: The ever evolving beatscene that seems to be spreading worldwide inspires me massively. Using soundcloud, I can see what other musicians do within that genre and gauge what’s changing and that allows me to be more cutting edge. I do listen to a lot of Hiphop from the last 20 years and that too is a huge inspiration to me, especially with regards to sampling and structuring beats. I listen to wider range of music including jazz and ambient, which helps give a wider range to my music. People like WeDidIt Collective and klipmode  have and continue to push the envelope and that pushes me to expand my sound.

Getselious: As a citizen of the United Kingdom, what is your opinion of the music scene where you live?

Handbook: In York, where I live, the music scene is strange. There used to be a vibrant rock scene which seems to be slowly drying up and nothing seems to be happening. In Yorkshire, the county I live in, there is a broader range of music going on Leeds & Bradford have a good scene for hip-hop and beats and that is crucial.

From Leeds

ExP – Cyphers & Punchlines produced by Jakova FREE DOWNLOAD by ExP

 To BradFord

A1.August11 by TheHashFinger

Purple Diamond by Hourglass Sea

You can really feel the vibrant hip hop flavor in these musicians tracks.

Getselious: Do you think that your scene is being dominated by a single brand or style?

Handbook: There is a decent mix of genres and styles in and around York. There’s still a rock and indie scene still going on, but there are people doing acoustic/folk style music. My mates Dad hosts shows at his house, in his kitchen/diner. There is also a lot people making more dance, electro and dubstep. Those club nights do really well with night swingers.

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