THE INTERROGATION CHAMBER: The Outer Haven Interviews Rukunetsu

THE INTERROGATION CHAMBER: The Outer Haven Interviews Rukunetsu

Today with me is Rukunetsu. He is one of the upcoming artists making waves on OCR (overclocked remix) and YouTube.

Getselious: Hello Rukunestu, thanks for taking time out of your day to speak with me.

Rukunetsu: Not a problem – thanks for even considering me.

Getselious: How long have you been both a musician and an artist?

Rukunetsu: I’ve been dabbling with art when I was about 5 years old – music came into play when I was roughly 8. But over the last 3 years or so, I’ve really been taking both more seriously. As for music – I’ve just always had a general love of music and most of its forms..  So, similarly to art – It was always my dream to create my own music as well.  So in short i suppose – My desire to create served as inspiration for both art and music creation.

Getselious: So what motivated you to be both a musician and an artist?

Rukunetsu: Honestly – a cousin of mine really inspired me when I was a young lad; seeing him create art just had a serious impact on me; that must be said. That aside, when I was introduced to Anime and what not later on, that further inspired me to want to create art.

Getselious: Did you ever feel that you should focus on music more that art or vice versa?

Rukunetsu: Indeed – there was a point where I felt like dropping music altogether honestly.  However, as time went on I learned to integrate both into a single item (i.e music vids and stuff) thereby striking something of a balance – so I’d put time and effort into both.

GetSelious: Do you play any instrument?

Rukunetsu: Not proficiently – but I learned a bit of piano when i was younger and I played around with the drums as well.  I’m planning at SOME point to take the time to truly learn these instruments though.

Getselious: Do you think that by not being able to play an instrument hampers your ability as a musician?

Rukunetsu: Generally speaking and referring to myself in particular, No. You can’t find any composer that has no experience with an instrument, but compose melodies/songs that are out of this WORLD. Obviously however, this would be a problem if you wanna have a concert or something…

Getselious: Do you have a favorite musician and music genre?

Rukunetsu: Artist wise, I’d have to say Yuzo Koshiro – his work in Streets of Rage 2/Shinobi influence me to this day.

 (Yuzo Koshiro was dropping them tunes like a BOSS!)

Getselious: What particular aspect of this musician/genre appeals to you as a musician the most?

Rukunetsu: What appeals to me regarding Mr. Koshiros music would be just how versatile he is as well as his overall sound- fyi I’m really referring to his older works Such as the SOR (Streets of Rage) and Shinobi. The influence it has on me as a musician might not be overly evident in my music, but the melodies/beats that he used back in the day continue to amaze me to this day.

Getselious: Do you think using samples from past or current musicians condenses the growth of a music style?

Rukunetsu: I feel like the use of samples – past or present – serve to be catalyst for a whole new dimension of sounds when applied properly. Mixing the familiar with a new type of drums or other melodic additions can appeal to the old and new listenters alike. I just personally don’t like to over use them; as they tend to make me a tad lazy. While I comment the use of samples, it would encourage the production of originals to really push the extent of one’s abilities.  I’m in NO way taking away from the work involved to ‘tweak’ a sample, but making your own work is just as important.


Getselious: What was your first attempt to introduce your music to the world?

Rukunetsu: My first attempt at introducing my music to the world would’ve been 2 years ago – when I first joined Youtube.  I realized that Windows came with video editing/making software and well…the rest was history.  Also, last year I decided to join the OverClocked Remix after a friend of mine suggested the idea.

Getselious: How was your experience at OCR?

Rukunetsu: While their forum generally seems focused on a particular style of music, but slowly but surely there are those there warming up to my stylings of music.  So far however, my experience there has been a relatively good one

Getselious: After your experience there, were you discouraged by music networking sites?

Rukunetsu: I’ve a generally good opinion of sites of this nature because you can learn a ton about your style by submitting your music and getting critique/listening to the tracks of others. Also, forging connections can also help with getting your stuff out there and increasing your audience as well.

Getselious: Within a short time, you’ve manage to collaborate with another artist PSKYON BEATS. How did you two meet up?

Rukunetsu: Upon coming to Youtube, I found that there were a select few artists that many knew about – PSYKON happened to be one of them. Upon listening to his music, not only was I inspired [and humbled] I decided to use of the readily available samples and create a beat. That’s pretty much now it happened.

[Are you]Out there… (PSYKON Project R Mix,2011)


Dream(ONE)_PSYKONRuku Mix (2011)

(These guys have great synergy there’s no doubt about it)

Getselious: After this collaboration with PSYKON BEATS did you feel as if your musical skill has elevated to a higher standard?

Rukunetsu: Actually, no. I do not say this to belittle the work he does, but I was only putting a beat on top of a mostly complete sample.However, I’d have to chalk up any advancement in my music to various artists that I’ve heard (PSYKON inlcuded) and bits of advice/critique I’ve gotten (OCR) of the last few months.

Getselious: What was your favorite project you worked on as a musician and/or an artist?

Rukunetsu: My favorite project would be the FFXIII remixes – they were my first attempts at remixes and to this day there are those that are enjoying them – so the work paid off.

FFXIII VS ProjectR 2nd Atonement

Getselious: After finishing your ProjectR-Anime Rmix Compilation do you have any future projects?

Rukunetsu: Actually, I do. After I’m done with a few originals, I’m planning on doing another mini-project, codename Ninja Attack. I’ll let you guess what kind of music will be on this compilation. I can let you know one thing though; there will be more tracks this go round.

ProjectR-Anime Rmix Compilation Vol.1

(Rukunetsu was not kidding about being anime inspired)

Getselious: Do you have any advice for new musicians trying to break into the scene?

Rukunetsu: I’m sure I sound like a broken record by now, but it’s something I cannot stress enough:  Draw inspiration from/respect the styles and abilities of others. But build on YOUR style and make it better – Don’t go trying to make your music sound like someone else. Stick your style and make it grow. It may take time, but keep at it. You will eventually grow into the musician you’ve wanted to be. I’ve heard music from others that made me want to flat out give up on music – but realized that they too were once in my shoes and kept pushing along. That’s the best advice I feel that I can give.

Getselious: Once again Rukunestu, thank you for taking the time out of your day for this interview. I wish you the best of luck in your career as an artist and a musician.

Rukunetsu: I do appreciate that GS – and thank you yet again for the interview. I’ll keep doing the best I can to develop the most of my abilities.

You can Follow Rukunetsu @ his  | Youtube | SoundCloud | and | Deviantart |

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